Comic-Con has gone “cool.”

Comic-Con is getting way to big. Shows should be limited based on their genre.  Breaking Bad and Psych are two great shows but are not Comic-Con type shows.  Hollywood is the driving force  and is only interested in” Fan Base” projects.  More  Batman and Superman movies every year and spin offs that spin nowhere.
What is a “nerd” these days. The nerd experience is about being ostracized.  Being into things other than themselves. Interested in things that spawn critical thought.  Cool kids are now wearing horn rim glasses and getting there geek/nerd on.  Cool kids treat the nerd look as Cosplay.  Cool kids want to be in the know about of the biggest “Pop Culture” convention, thanks to popular TV shows  have no business at Comic-Con.  Most are posers and empty shells attempting to appear interesting.  For nerd’s sake I hope comics survive Comic-Cons massive growth.  Comic-Con is morphing into a giant hollow ad for swag and “exclusive” toys.  The  large corporations make lots of money while imagination is being stymied.


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